New video: Weekend in my Life in Charlotte

I went to Charlotte for a weekend to visit my best friend (it was her birthday) So I made a vlog about all the things we did together. Let me know what you think.
Fui a Charlotte por un fin de semana para visitar a mi mejor amiga por su cumpleaños. Y mientras estuve alla grabré todas las aventuras que hicimos juntas. Aqui kes dejo el video, avisenme si les gustó


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What to do in Hawaii

hawaii ana faneite

Hawaii, yes! I indeed said Hawaii. What once was a dream, a couple of weeks ago. I present to you, my experience going to Hawaii. It was short but worth it!

So…I decided to go to Hawaii for spring break. I always wanted to go, and one of the goals I had for this year was going there. Of course, I had to go with my brother; I could have chosen a better partner to travel with. Since I live in North Carolina it was a long trip, we went from here to Dallas and then from there to Honolulu. First, have in mind that timing is different! I was super tired that day but at the same time so excited that it didn’t matter, at least during the first day. We stayed at a little hotel that was around one block from Waikiki beach, which was perfect. Also, there are several restaurants near the hotel, so for this girl that likes to eat that was a plus.

I am going to break it down to you so, if you ever decide to go to Hawaii you know where to go (at least where to eat).

Places we went to eat:

  1. A first option is a place that we found by walking around. We wanted to try something new but there wasn’t much to choose from, most of the places where really similar. After a while, we found a huge line at this place called: “Marukame Udon” it is a Japanese noodle restaurant. For me, it was the first time going, but for the short period of time we where in Hawaii we went twice! that’s how much we liked it. It is not that big of a place but it’s fast-paced, so even if you are at the end of the line it’s not going to take you all day to get in. Even if so, it is so worth it! marukame udon hawaii ana faneite marukame udon hawaii ana faneite
  2. Helena’s Hawaiian food, this is a great place to get a taste of Hawaii. You have to keep in mind that there is no much parking space, but the food is great. The atmosphere of the place is very family oriented and as well as the first place I mentioned it is small. People, there are really friendly and make you feel like home. Here I found some familiar tastes in food that I’ve tried before, especially a coconut flan that tasted just like a Venezuelan dessert called “majarete.” It is so interesting how so far away from my hometown and just one flavor can bring me back to those days when I was with my mom. IMG_6143 IMG_6144 helena's hawaiian food ana faneite
  3. Eggs and things: perfect for breakfast. If you go early you can seat in some tables where you can see Waikiki beach (since this restaurant is right in front of the beach). Food is great and like we did in the first one, we decided to eat here because there was a lot of people waiting in line, so we figured it must be good. eggs and things hawaii


Hawaii’s great places:

hawaii ana faneiteana faneitehawaii ana faneite

Do not forget to SURF!surf ana faneiteDSC_1106rDSC_1145rDSC_1104rDSC_1099rDSC_1037rDSC_1025rDSC_1061rDSC_1080rDSC_1048rhawaii ana faneiteDSC_0968r DSC_0973r

About the looks: 

In these pictures, I am showing you two outfits. the First one, is a romper from Agaci that I am in love with. I think it’s perfect in every sense. comfortable, light and ideal for the spring and summer time. It has a V neck and the back is open. The shoes are also my current obsession, they are also from Agaci. I have to tell myself not to wear them so often because since I bought them I’ve been wearing them a lot!

The second outfit is a blouse from Forever 21. it has a deep V neck and also an open back. I decided to wear it with my bathing suit underneath since I was planning to go to the beach that day. The shoes are also from forever 21, but I have a little story for them. I was wearing some sneakers because we were going to walk long distances that day and I wanted to be prepared. I also brought this pair of shoes with me because I wanted to look cute. For my luck, I didn’t wear them for 10 minutes and my feet starting hurting like there was no tomorrow. well, it turns out, they made me some blisters!! horrible ones, I limited myself not to post the picture because I don’t want to scare you, but it was horrible. So, be careful! if you buy them, make sure to wear them in your house so you know they are comfortable and good to go. I do not know what is happening with me and shoes, apparently, I haven’t learned my lesson about trying them on at home first. I promise I’ll learn!

Overall, Hawaii was a great experience. Even though I wish I had more time, it was a goal met for this year. So, from my experience, it is never too late to make your dreams come true! so keep dreaming, but do not forget to wake up and work hard to make them come true!

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Day Trip to Washington DC


Hello my dears!
So, Sunday I decided to go on a road trip with my friends to
DC, of course I had to show you so I made them take some pictures for me. Even
though it was so cold and I didn’t take that many pictures I wanted to share them with you guys. This was a day trip so we walked a lot! My advice to you is that
if you want to go to DC and go see the monuments and museums, be prepared with
nice comfortable shoes. I have to say my shoes are really comfortable but they
are not made for walking the way I did that day, wear some sneakers instead!
The city is beautiful, this is my second time going there
and I had forgotten how exquisite the architecture is. I love the mixtures in
between the old and new structures and buildings. Also, it was snowing a little
bit that day so it gave it a nice touch. We started the day by going to brunch
at this place called “Commissary” and let me say sorry that I didn’t take
pictures at that place because I was hungry and if you know me, you know eating
comes first. But, I grabbed a picture from
to show you the place. And also some of the pictures I took for my snapchat to
give you a better picture of what that place looks like. But I have to say, I
loved it. The food is great, and the service is really good too. I have no
complaints. After we had brunch we went to the Smithsonian museum and then to
some monuments like the white house (which they are remodeling) and the Lincoln
memorial. And we finished with some great food at the Founding Farmers
restaurant which was excellent too. I loved the style and vibe and great food! (Again,
I didn’t take pictures but I’m going to show you one from
See you next time!
Hola chicas.
Bueno, este
domingo decidí irme de paseo con unos amigos a DC, y claro que tenía que
mostrarles entonces los hice que me tomaran fotos. A pesar de que la
temperatura estaba muy fría y no me tome tantas fotos, las que si me tome quería
compartirlas. Este fue un viaje de un solo día así que caminamos demasiado. Mi recomendación
es que si quieren ir a DC y ver los monumentos y los museos vayan preparados
con zapatos cómodos. Debo decir que mis zapatos son muy cómodos pero no están hechos
para caminar de la forma que lo hicimos ese día, así que mejor lleven unas
gomas (sneakers).
La ciudad es
hermosa, esta es mi segunda vez yendo y se me había olvidado cuan deleitable es
la arquitectura de esta ciudad. Me gusta mucho la combinación entre lo nuevo y
lo viejo de las estructuras y edificios. Además, ese día estaba nevando así que
le dio un toque perfecto. Nosotros comenzamos el día yendo a un lugar que se
llama “Commissary” y de adelanto les digo que lo siento pero no tome fotos en
el lugar, creo que tenía mucha hambre. Pero encontré una foto en para mostrarles como era el
ambiente. Debo confesar que me encanto el lugar, entre la comida y el buen
servicio me enamoraron.  Después de eso
fuimos al Smithsonian que es un museo, y después a otros monumentos como la
casa blanca (que la están remodelando) y el memorial a Lincoln. Y terminamos el
día cenando en un restaurante que se llama “Founding Farmers” y estuvo
excelente también. La vibra y la comida del lugar hizo que terminara este viaje
con buen pie. (De nuevo, no tome fotos pero aquí les muestro una de
¡Nos vemos en la próxima!

Washington, DC





Jacket: Calvin Klein (at TJMaxx)

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Hangbag: Guess

Scarf: H&M

Pictures from Snapchat: @Anafane 



 Commissary (from:



Founding Farmers (From:
Twitter: @anafane
Instagram: @anfane

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Wynwood: Art District.

Once again, on a little and quick trip to Miami, I had the
chance to take some pictures, this time at a creative neighborhood called
“Wynwood”. From the moment I got there I felt inspired by the awesome paintings
on the walls, so many different styles and colors. I felt that place had no
judgment for no one’s point of view of art, which I found very interesting, Art
can be expressed in so many ways, and everyone could think many different thing
about the same painting which at the end of the day is want makes art so
versatile because it can reach a broad amount of people.
I love art, I love the fact that you can get to know
somebody just by the expressions of their form of art but also I love
diversity, when everybody appreciates everyone, and when no one judges nobody.
Besides the place, I wanted to keep it simple but somewhat
interesting with the outfit, y wore this kind of wine color crop top with a
skirt from H&M which it has a cool detailing with some zippers that
actually work. they have different prints but there is something that makes
them look good together, which is the black lettering.
Since I was in Miami I just wore sandals and I didn’t use
any accessory at all, just sunglasses to keep it fresh. I think it’s a good
outfit for any occasion, it’s cool but simple and it’s something that you can
even dress up by adding heels.
On the other hand, I need to talk about one of the paintings
on the wall by an amazing artist, his name is Alex Senna. His work is perfect,
he creates most of the ones that I’ve seen just by using black and white but
what is different about him is that he creates a loving, or more soft art in an
urban setting. That’s what is all about, being original and making people “feel”.
On the pictures your going to see exactly what I’m taking about.
Una vez
mas, en un corto viaje
a Miami, tuve la oportunidad de tomar algunas fotos, Esta vez en un vecindario muy creative llamado
“Wyndwood”. Desde el momento que llegue me
sentí inspirada por las asombrosas pinturas en
las paredes, miles de colores y estilos. Sentí que ese lugar no juzgaba ninguna de las obras de los artistas, lo que encontre
bastante interesante, el arte puede ser expresado de tantas formas y cada quien puede pensar diferente
sobre la misma pintura, lo que al final del
día es lo que vuelve al arte tan versátil,
porque puede llegar a una gran cantidad de personas.
Amo el arte, amo el hecho de que se puede llegar a conocer a
alguien a través
de su forma de expresarse en el.
Ademas me encanta la diversidad, cuando todos aprecian a todos y cuando
nadie juzga el trabajo de nadie.
Ademas del lugar, quise mantener el outfit simple pero de alguna forma
interesante, utilicé
un crop top color vino y una falda de H&M con unos cierres muy cool y que
realmente funcionan. Las dos piezas tienen distintos patrones pero hay algo que
las hace ver bien juntas y es que los detalles estan escritos en negro.
Ya que estaba en Miami, solo utilicé unas sandalias, y sin nada de
accesorios. Me parece que este outfit es perfecto para cualquier occasion, es
cool pero simple y con unos zapatos altos
podrían cambiarlo a algo mas elegante. En mi
caso solo utilicé
lentes de sol para mantenerlo casual.
Por otro lado, tengo que hablar de un increíble artista,
su nombre es Alex Senna. Su trabajo es perfecto, la mayoría de sus obras son en blanco y
negro pero lo que es único
sobre el es que crea un ambiente de amor, algo mas suave en un transfondo
urbano. De eso se trata todo no?
ser original y hacer
que las personas “sientan”. En las fotos verán a lo que me refiero.









Thanks to them for the cool pictures.

Alex Senna’s work:

Twitter: @anafane
Instagram: @anfane
Youtube Channel: Ana Faneite

Crop Top: Forever 21

Skirt: H&M

Sandals: H&M

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"Concreate Jungle"

Hey! Today I have something excited to share with you, I went
to New York and I had the chance to take me some pictures of the outfit I was
wearing that day. The weather was great, so my shorts and sneakers were perfect
for the occasion, ideal to walk a lot like I did.
Apart from that I wore a white crop top with batman’s logo
on it, which is my favorite super hero. I usually use long sleeve t-shirts
whenever I wear something that is going to show my legs, or vice versa. Also I brought
my black bag pack, you know am all about comfortable but fashionable outfits.
This pictures were taken at central park, after I had
breakfast with my brother there. It was great to be once again in one of my
beloved cities.
Hola! Les traigo algo emocionante que compartir con ustedes,
fui a Nueva York y tuve la oportunidad de tomarme unas fotos con el outfit que
utilice ese día. El clima era perfecto asi que el short y las gomas deportivas
que utilicé fueron perfectas para la ocasión, ideal para caminar mucho como lo
Aparte de eso utilicé un crop top blanco con el logo de Batman, el cual es mi super héroe favorito. Usualmente cuando utilizo algo que
vaya a mostrar mis piernas intent usar camisas manga larga o que cubran un poco
mas, o si muestro los brazos intent cubrir las piernas.  Ademas utilice un moral negro, ustedes saben
que para mi todo se trata de estar a la moda pero cómoda al mismo tiempo.
Estas fotos fueron tomadas en Central Park, después de haber
desayunado con mi hermano ahí. Fue increible estar una vez mas en una de mis
ciudades amadas.





Twitter: @anafane
Instagram: @anfane
Youtube Channel: Ana Faneite

Crop top: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Sneakers: Nike


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This is Sunny Orlando

Hey cuties! Two weekends ago I went to Orlando to see part of my
family that came to the states, I was super excited to see them and spend some
time with them, to me, family brings more joy than anything. Apart from that I decided
I wanted to take some pics there for the blog, so I did it! It is simple,
because you know how the sun can bother you when you wear lots of clothes but
very girly.
Shorts are my best friends in summer and even though summer hasn’t
started yet, in Orlando sunny days can be very, very hot. So, this shorts have
some dots on them, I think that’s why they feel so girly to me, and because I’m
short I decided to wear some “skin tone” sandals that made my legs appear more
long. I kept it simple with the shirt and even with the accessories; I didn’t want
to have too much on me.
I feel Orlando has so many trees and perfect green grass so
what better way to expose that than in a picture!
Thank you for reading me, take care!
bellezas! Hace dos fin de semanas fui a Orlando a ver a parte de mi familia que
venía de visita, estaba súper emocionada de verlos y de pasar un rato con
ellos, para mí, la familia es la que brinda mas felicidad. Aparte de eso, decidí
que quería tomarme algunas fotos para el blog, ¡así que lo hice! Este atuendo
es simple, porque ustedes saben cómo puede ser de incómodo el sol cuando tienes
demasiadas cosas y ropa puesta, pero lo mantuve femenino.
Los shorts
son mis mejores amigos en verano, a pesar de que aun no ha comenzado
oficialmente, en Orlando los días soleado pueden ser realmente calientes. Estos
shorts, tiene puntos en ellos, quizás esa sea la razón por la cual para mí son
tan femeninos, y como soy bajita decidí utilizar unas sandalias color piel para
hacer que mis piernas se viesen un poco más largas. Mantuve simple la camisa y
hasta los accesorios, no quería tener mucho encima.
Yo siento
que Orlando está lleno de arboles y grama perfectamente verde, así que no hay
mejor forma que mostrárselos en fotos.
gracias por leerme, ¡cuídense!





Shirt: forever 21

Shorts: H&M

Sandals: Forever 21

Purse: Forever 21

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Twitter: @anafane
Instagram: @anfane
Youtube: Ana Faneite

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