Where to Buy Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are here to stay! I have to say that this trend scared me at the beginning. I think that sometimes I double check if a trend is for me because my type of body. However, I love how I think my legs look longer if I wear wide leg pants. For this […]

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Where to buy the ideal Kimono for Summer

kimono the fashion streets shein

Are you looking for a kimono for  the summer? If you are like me, you love to pair simple outfits with a cute kimono to give it some edge. I love the versatility and how fashionable they look. However, I used to wear those with casual outfits and more simple stuff. This time I wanted […]

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3 Easy Steps to Get a Gold Eyeline

We all want a perfect eyeline Recently I have been wearing this gold eyeliner after trying it with this technique. I do not wear any eye primer and it stays on forever. My friends have told me they love this look so I wanted to show you how I do it.  3 easy steps:  Use […]

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The perfect summer top

the fashion streets perfect summer top ana faneite

For the lace lovers:  This top is one of my top picks for this summer. I think it incorporate the perfect fabric and color for it. So I need it to inform you asap! It was only $9.99 at h&m!! You cannot go wrong with it.  One of the best things of the summer top […]

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Where to Find the Best Sushi in Raleigh

sushi kai the fashion streets

If you love sushi this is the right post for you. I have always been a fan of sushi and all that has to do with seafood. For that reason, I have been on the hunt for the best sushi place in Raleigh. Finally, I concluded that this place that I am about to tell […]

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Mixing stripes and flowers

stripes trend the fashion streets

The trend that changes what we know about stripes We all know stripes have been out there since… always! Haha so this trend it is not innovating, however, what makes it so trendy now is the fact that is more focused on the lighter colors, especially blue and white stripes. I love it because it […]

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