The Best Shows and Movies on Netflix

the fashion streets Alamo draft house cinema Netflix movies


Netflix has become one of my go-to spots for movies and shows. I have to confess that I do not have a TV in my room. That means all I do is stream. I also find myself looking for new shows and movies to watch. But, every time I go online it makes it SO difficult to find something I actually want to watch.

I do not like romantic movies so if that is what you are looking for… sorry 🙁 you will not find it here, but there are some other good shows you have to watch. Below is my list of shows and movies that are killing it on Netflix!!

Netflix se ha hecho una de las aplicaciones que más uso para ver shows y películas. Tengo que confesar que no tengo televisión en mi cuarto, o sea, todo lo que veo es desde mi teléfono o laptop. Siempre estoy buscando nuevas películas y shows pero se me hace muy dificil encontrar nuevas o simplemente algo que de verdad quiera ver.

Debo confesar también que no me gustan las películas romanticas, asi que si eso es lo que estás buscando.. sorry 🙁 pero si tengo mucho que recomendar en otras areas! Aqui les muestro mi lista de favoritos de netflix

the fashion streets Alamo draft house cinema Netflix movies

My Favorite Netflix movies and shows:


  • The Invisible Guest
  • Inglorious Bastards
  • Django
  • The Little Prince
  • Avengers Infinity War
  • “7 años”
  • Beasts of no Nation


  • “La Casa de Papel”
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Breaking Bad
  • Dexter (an oldie but a goodie)
  • Daredevil
  • The Hunting of the Hill House
  • “Las Chicas del Cable”
  • Stranger Things
  • “La Casa de las Flores”
  • Orange is the New Black

the fashion streets Alamo draft house cinema Netflix movies

As you can see I love Quentin Tarantino’s movies. Even though I am not a great fan of blood, I love his movies! And he always works with some of my favorite actors. Inglorious Bastards is probably one of my favorite movies. I also found this place near my house called “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema,” it is AWESOME! People can rent movies for FREE! as you can see in the pictures they have a great selection.

Also, the place itself its peculiar. It has an old school vibe, which I am a fan of. Also, you receive individual service once you are in the room. They bring you everything to your seat and they also serve food and “adult” milkshakes! Plus, for my vegan friends, they have a whole selection of vegan food!

I would recommend this place to anyone! I love the whole vibe and service they offer! !

Como pueden ver las películas de Quentin Tarantino son unas de mis favoritas. A pesar de que no soy muy fan de la sangre por todos lados, me encantan sus películas. Además que siempre trabaja con excelentes actores. La pelicula de “Inglorious Bastards” es probablemente una de mis favoritas.

Debo contarles también sobre este lugar. Se llama “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema” y es SUPER. Puedes alquilar películas gratis! Y es super interesante. Una vez que entras a la sala de tu película te atiende una persona que va a tu aciento, quiere decir que cuando se te acaben las cotufas (palomitas) no tienes que levantarte de tu aciento! Tienen malteadas de adultos y para mi amigos veganos, hay una selección entera de comida.

Les recomiendo este lugar 100%

the fashion streets Alamo draft house cinema Netflix movies

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New video: Weekend in my Life in Charlotte

I went to Charlotte for a weekend to visit my best friend (it was her birthday) So I made a vlog about all the things we did together. Let me know what you think.
Fui a Charlotte por un fin de semana para visitar a mi mejor amiga por su cumpleaños. Y mientras estuve alla grabré todas las aventuras que hicimos juntas. Aqui kes dejo el video, avisenme si les gustó


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My experience skydiving at the triangle skydiving center

Skydiving? Am I crazy?

The answer is YES! I am crazy for new experiences! I have been wanting to go skydiving for the longest time. But there was always something that limited me from doing it. I would think about how much would it cost me, the time I had to have to do it and I ended up thinking too much with no action. I have to admit I am a little bit of an overthinker.

But finally I did it and with no doubt, it was the best experience I’ve ever had. So I started thinking about how many times I limit myself… there are so many experiences, places and things to do in life. While I am over here thinking, there are people that are focused on their happiness and they go get it!

I am here today to tell you, GO GET IT. whatever it is you have in mind, go do it! life is too short to be sitting waiting for happiness to come to you. And I know you have heard that before, but once I finally crossed skydiving out of my bucket list I realized that the time is now.

But now I am going to talk to you about my experience at the triangle skydiving center. The staff is great! my videographer and my instructor were amazing and they made the whole experience fun. The only complaint I have is the waiting time. You have to dedicate an entire day for this adventure. The email said that you have to allow 3 hours for the experience but, in my case, it was about 5 hours. There is a lot of wait time from the moment you check-in to the actual jump. However, I am so pleased and happy I did it. I honestly think I will do it again!

If you live the in NC area, they are located in Louisburg. I will tag their webpage and all the info. I also found a great deal for you. There is a Groupon for it and right now Groupon is having a 25% off in “things to do.” To top that off, as of today, Ebates is having an 8% cash back in Groupon. So you will definitely have a great deal!!

Groupon for skydiving: Triangle Skydiving center 

Ebates website: get 8% cash back

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How to Make Money While Shopping Online

Shopping and getting money back is not a myth!

In this blog post, I am going to give you my tips on how to get money while shopping online as well as tricks and tips to get the best out of your shopping trip.



  • Create an Ebates account. You can do so by going to this link:
    and you will get $10 bonus. This is my FAVORITE tool to receive money back. The platform gives you stores options and once you click on them it will redirect you to the store’s website. Once you are in there you can buy as you usually do and you will receive a percentage back from your total amount. If you do not see your store you can simply look it up and it will most likely be there.
  • Look for coupons. Before I buy on any website I go to ebates, then I start looking for other coupons to pair it with my cash back. One of my favorite websites is: Retail Me Not   so you will get cash back and some discount too! However, do not limit yourself to that website, go to others and search, most of the time there is something out there.
  • Create a Groupon account. You can do so by going to this link: I have to say that I love Groupon! they always have discounts and the best thing is that you can also pair it with ebates!! simply go to ebates first, and click on the Groupon page, you will get cash back and a discount!I hope this tips help you and let me know if you know any other tips or tricks!


    ¡Obtener dinero Mientras compras no es un mito!


    En esta publicación del blog, voy a darles mis consejos sobre cómo obtener dinero mientras compras en línea, así como trucos y consejos para que tu compra sea más económica.


    1.Crear una cuenta Ebates. Pueden hacerlo ingresando a este enlace: ebates.

    com/r/ANISPR y obtendrán un bono de $ 10. Esta es mi herramienta FAVORITA para recibir dinero. La plataforma ofrece opciones de tiendas y una vez que hagan clic en ellas, le redirigirá al sitio web de la tienda. Una vez que estén allí, pueden comprar como lo hacen habitualmente y recibirán un porcentaje de su monto total.

    2.Busquen cupones. Antes de comprar en cualquier sitio web, voy a Ebates, luego empiezo a buscar otros cupones para emparejarlo con mi devolución de dinero. Uno de mis sitios web favoritos es: Retail Me Not, ¡así obtendrás dinero en efectivo y algún descuento también! Sin embargo, no se limiten a ese sitio web, vayan a otros y busquen, la mayoría de las veces hay algo por ahí.


    3.Crea una cuenta de Groupon. Pueden hacerlo ingresando a este enlace: ¡Tengo que decir que amo a Groupon! siempre tienen descuentos y lo mejor es que también puedes emparejarlo con Ebates !! simplemente vayan a Ebates primero, y hagan clic en la página de Groupon, ¡recibirán un reembolso y un descuento!

    ¡Espero que estos consejos les ayuden, además, díganme si saben de algún otro truco!



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My Experience at Heat Studios in Downtown Raleigh

heat studios ana faneite

Hello, Hello!!

I was invited to heat studios to try one of their classes. The one I tried is called “Tabata” and it was amazing!! The video only shows how the class started but it does not show everything we did. I recommend this place to everyone who wants to challenge themselves and a great environment!

I have nothing but good things to say about Heat Studios. The class was challenging and at the same time I was able to do everything. The group was nice and the instructor (Jake) was amazing and he was always looking after everyone and making sure we all have energy to keep going.

Heat Studios offers several group classes as well as personal trainers if you need one. Plus, the yoga classes are free, in case you wanted to relax a bit after an intense workout. I have to say that even the location is perfect because in mist of a bunch of parallel parking in downtown, they have their own parking lot behind the gym.

Contact them if you have any questions and do not doubt on trying the classes out because you won’t regret it.


Hola, Hola!

La gente de “Heat Studios” me invitaron al gym para probar una de sus clases. ¡La que probé se llama “Tabata” y fue increíble! El video sólo muestra cómo empezó la clase, pero no muestra todo lo que hicimos. Les recomiendo este lugar a todos los que quieren desafiarse a sí mismos y entrenar en un ambiente motivador.

No tengo nada más que cosas buenas que decir sobre “Heat Studios”. La clase era desafiante y al mismo tiempo fui capaz de hacer todo. El grupo era agradable y el instructor (Jake) increíble. Él demostraba atención a todos y se aseguró de mantenernos con energía por toda la clase.

Heat Studios ofrece varias clases de grupo, así como entrenadores personales si necesitan uno. Además, las clases de yoga son gratuitas, en caso de que quieran relajarse un poco después de un entrenamiento intenso. Tengo que decir que incluso la ubicación es perfecta porque en el medio de un montón de aparcamiento paralelo en el centro, ellos tienen su propio aparcamiento detrás del gimnasio.

Pónganse en contacto con ellos si tienen alguna pregunta y no dude en probar las clases porque no se arrepentirán.


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